TCA Engineering is located in Brisbane. Here we have easy access to reliable national freight companies and a choice of suppliers of the materials we need.

We have sent many capsules all over Australia and some to Asia, America, India and New Zealand. These have been made for schools, universities, church groups, sporting clubs, local and state government, business and corporate entities as well as domestic purposes.

We have a selection of standard sizes and shapes. These, being 5 of cylindrical shape and 2 of cubical shape, these will suit most requirements. The fabrication of custom shapes and sizes may be considered.


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Time Capsule for sale Queensland Australia
Time Capsule Australia QLD NSW WA VIC SA NT TAS Time Capsule Cubic 26. Made in Australia. Buy Time Capsule Metal urn for cremation ashes.
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Image 1: Time capsule ECONOCAP. Made from stainless steel.
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